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Premium Grill Brush

The best grilling starts with a clean barbecue. The Premium Grill Brush from AC BBQ isn't just here to get the job done, it's here to get it done right. Time to toss the kiddie toys and grab the tools made by the original “Grown-Ass Man.” The Premium Grill Brush can cut through any grease and residue buildup. Along with its comfort grip handle, the unique design makes for quick and easy cleaning, leaving your grill ready for the next cookout.

Find it in H-E-B stores.


WARNING: Examine the brush prior to each use for loose bristles. Do NOT use if any loose or broken bristles are found. Discard brush immediately. Ensure cooking surface and brush are free of any bristles prior to cooking. Broken bristles can get into the food. Ingestion can cause serious internal injury. Not for commercial use.