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Fred St. Ange

We’re giving an extra special birthday shout out to our king of the week, Fred St. Ange from Upland, California. Fred is a dedicated father and a retiree after 29 years of dedicated service to Vons supermarket and Southwind Foods. Now he enjoys basketball, football, and UFC, as well as grilling for his family on his custom-made grill - where he cooks up legendary beer chicken, Louisiana hot links, and his extra special tri-tip (his son Nick’s personal favorite!). Send him good wishes and great flavor for his 71st birthday on June 20th!

Rick Tennant

Rick Tennant

Sofire Tailgating

Our King of the Week puts the “fan” in fanatical - Rick Tennant began his business Sofire Tailgating to combine his passion for the LA Rams with his love of backyard cooking and creating great party vibes. Even though he’s since moved to Las Vegas, he still makes the trip to every home Rams game to bring his exciting and inventive menus to the SoFi lot - including one with AC Barbeque last year. When he’s not busy cooking up delicious recipes, he enjoys craft beer and whiskey, fine cigars, and riding his motorcycle (not at the same time, of course). We love his food and we know you will too - so check him out at @sofiretailgating on Instagram and try to catch a game with him!

Dr. Carla McCullough

This week we are giving some love to the incredible Dr. Carla McCullough! Carla is the visionary behind College Reunion, a transformative movie•ment with a global impact. As a Chicago native and proud Spelman College alumna, she is dedicated to using the powerful narrative of three women reuniting for their 45th HBCU College Reunion to inspire real change. Join Dr. McCullough's mission to increase college reunions and support students nationwide. Follow her journey and be a part of this movement at acollegereunion.com (@acollegereunion)

Chef Jeff

Jeffery Smith Jr.

This week we’re giving some love to Jeffery Smith Jr., AKA Chef Jeff, a private chef and caterer to the stars in Los Angeles. Born in Chicago, he is a proud alum of Jackson State University where he studied mass communications, but eventually made his way into the culinary world. He loves to bring new flavors and techniques to the table, and has traveled to 35 countries and counting to learn new things to bring back to his kitchen. You can catch him hanging with Anthony & Cedric on Kings of BBQ, or cooking up delicious dishes on his Instagram @jefro5

Misty Banchero

Misty Banchero

Seattle Butcher’s Wife

All Hail our Queen of the Week, Misty Banchero! She may be known as the “Seattle Butcher’s Wife” because of her husband’s 3rd-generation butcher shop, Mondo & Sons in Tukwila, Washington, but she’s made her own name as a self-taught backyard BBQ pit-maven and recipe writer (who happens to have access to the best meat in the Pacific Northwest). You can catch her at live fire cooking events, on her local FOX13 station, or on her social media @seattlebutcherswife sharing recipes and grilling tips.

Ishmael Wilson

Ishmael Wilson

Holla at our King of the Week, Ishmael Wilson! He may just be 22 years old, but his drive and ambition are infinite. He set the internet on fire with his famous Hot Cheetos Boudin Balls, and now he’s climbing to new heights as a college student, entrepreneur, chef and a Husky & Handsome king. Next time you’re in Houston, check out @htxfoodplug and have yourself a delicious bite of history!


Frankie To-ong

Our King of the Week is Frankie To-ong, otherwise known as the light maestro himself, HTown Frankie! Frankie is a Houston-based dad, DJ and diehard sports fan who’s been entertaining millions on social media with his viral Christmas light displays. You can check them out at https://spacecitylightshows.com.

We’re excited to announce that Frankie will be helping us reveal the winner of the Wild Card Weekend Sweepstakes on New Year’s Day with a new light show, so follow him @htown_frankie and get ready to kick the year off right!

Jodi Varner

Jodi Varner

Straight outta Ypsilanti, Michigan, our Queen of the Week is Jodi Varner! She’s a store lead at her local Walmart who loves to share her favorite products and deals. She’s also a barbeque enthusiast who loves to experiment and find new flavor profiles to share with her friends and family - like mixing MVP with Midnight Smoke! Check out her videos for easy and fun ideas and recipes for baking, grilling, and lots more!

Raydio G

Raydio G

Shout out to our King of the Week, Raydio G! Raydio G is a Chicago-born comedy writer, musician, and grill aficionado serving up laughter and good eats. In addition to his entertainment career, he's owned and operated several restaurants - so you know he’s got good taste! If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to his 🔥 rhyme about our sauces, plus his other raps on Instagram @raydiog!

William “Boogie” Whitfield


Our King of the Week is William “Boogie” Whitfield, owner of Slo-Mo-Que in Washington, Missouri. His company is named for his hometown of St. Louis, MO, but his BBQ journey started in Seattle - when he couldn’t find the BBQ flavor he was looking for and decided to take matters into his own hands (or grill, that is!). He loves to share his knowledge and his food with friends and family, and YOU, if you hit him up next time you’re in the SLo-Mo area!

Tay Nelson

Bobby's BBQ

Congratulations to our King of the Week, Tay Nelson, owner of Bobby’s BBQ in Fountain Inn, SC! Tay and his wife Sarah serve up all-wood-smoked central Texas-style BBQ in the heart of South Carolina, bringing passion and love to their food and their community. Named in memory of Tay’s father and brother, Bobby Sr. and Jr., Bobby’s restaurant has been going strong for 5 years this month, so we’re giving an extra big AC shoutout for that incredible milestone!



Meet our Queen of the Week - Chef Kandace Roby. This Houston/LA chef cooks up soul food on a whole new level, like sticky honey glazed wings, her signature gumbo greens, or elevating her pork chop game with BOTH Lemon Stepper and MVP. Ask extra nice and she might even make you one of her boozy, fruity lemonades to go with it! Kandace is #goals for flavor and flair - and we love to see her creativity and talent grow with her business. Check her out @must.bee.honey on Instagram, and order direct to try her food if you’re in the Houston area!

Jay D.

Big Tex BBQ and Hotdogs

Shoutout to the first ever King of the Week, Jay D. with Big Tex BBQ and Hotdogs! Jay comes to us from Los Angeles, but his BBQ story started all the way back with his family owned business in Fort Worth, TX. He’s been whipping up some fantastic Texas style BBQ for over 25 years, repping his military family roots and love of the pit. Be sure to hit up his LA based catering biz for some finger lickin’ meats!