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Raydio G

Shout out to our King of the Week, Raydio G! Raydio G is a Chicago-born comedy writer, musician, and grill aficionado serving up laughter and good eats. In addition to his entertainment career, he's owned and operated several restaurants - so you know he’s got good taste! If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to his 🔥 rhyme about our sauces, plus his other raps on Instagram @raydiog!

William “Boogie” Whitfield


Our King of the Week is William “Boogie” Whitfield, owner of Slo-Mo-Que in Washington, Missouri. His company is named for his hometown of St. Louis, MO, but his BBQ journey started in Seattle - when he couldn’t find the BBQ flavor he was looking for and decided to take matters into his own hands (or grill, that is!). He loves to share his knowledge and his food with friends and family, and YOU, if you hit him up next time you’re in the SLo-Mo area!

Tay Nelson

Bobby's BBQ

Congratulations to our King of the Week, Tay Nelson, owner of Bobby’s BBQ in Fountain Inn, SC! Tay and his wife Sarah serve up all-wood-smoked central Texas-style BBQ in the heart of South Carolina, bringing passion and love to their food and their community. Named in memory of Tay’s father and brother, Bobby Sr. and Jr., Bobby’s restaurant has been going strong for 5 years this month, so we’re giving an extra big AC shoutout for that incredible milestone!



Meet our Queen of the Week - Chef Kandace Roby. This Houston/LA chef cooks up soul food on a whole new level, like sticky honey glazed wings, her signature gumbo greens, or elevating her pork chop game with BOTH Lemon Stepper and MVP. Ask extra nice and she might even make you one of her boozy, fruity lemonades to go with it! Kandace is #goals for flavor and flair - and we love to see her creativity and talent grow with her business. Check her out @must.bee.honey on Instagram, and order direct to try her food if you’re in the Houston area!

Jay D.

Big Tex BBQ and Hotdogs

Shoutout to the first ever King of the Week, Jay D. with Big Tex BBQ and Hotdogs! Jay comes to us from Los Angeles, but his BBQ story started all the way back with his family owned business in Fort Worth, TX. He’s been whipping up some fantastic Texas style BBQ for over 25 years, repping his military family roots and love of the pit. Be sure to hit up his LA based catering biz for some finger lickin’ meats!