Our BBQ Caddy Now Available at Lowe's!
Best Friends in your Mouth slogan from AC Barbeque with Cedric the Entertainer and Anthony Anderson


AC Barbeque is a new BBQ lifestyle brand created by beloved comedians and grilling enthusiasts, Anthony Anderson and Cedric The Entertainer. Founded on the principles of Black excellence, family tradition, and bringing people together, AC Barbeque aims to provide the tools, flavor, and community that’ll take grilling to the next level. When you need to up your BBQ game, just look to the AC Flame. 

The two best friends meticulously crafted three specialty barbeque seasonings that honor and celebrate the rich flavors of various global culinary traditions and pay homage to the diverse world of barbequing. The new barbeque seasoning collection is an exciting milestone as it’s the first product launch from Anthony and Cedric’s larger empire of exceptional grilling items and tools within their AC Barbeque Universe. With a vision to elevate the BBQ experience, the two grill masters will also introduce a range of grills, accessories, sauces, apparel, merchandise, and more.