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Pigtail Flipper

A grillmaster is only as good as his tools, so you might as well tool-up with the best. The Pigtail Flipper from AC BBQ isn't just here to get the job done, it's here to get it done right. Forget the fork - all in, all you need. When you rock the Husky & Handsome flame on every handle, the fam knows they'll be going home happy. Time to toss the kiddie toys and grab the tools made by the original “Grown-Ass Man.” The Pigtail Flipper is designed to easily flip, turn and transfer larger cuts of meat to and from the grill. Ultra-durable stainless-steel and comfort grip handles keep your food hot and your hands cool.

Find it in H-E-B stores.


Wash and dry by hand only.

Allergens and safety warnings

WARNING: Keep away from children. Hook is sharp and is to be used for cooking purposes only. Use only as directed.