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Meat Tenderizer & Marinade Turbocharger

A grillmaster is only as good as his tools, so you might as well tool-up with the best. The Meat Tenderizer & Marinade Turbocharger from AC BBQ isn't just here to get the job done, it's here to get it done right. Time to toss the kiddie toys and grab the tools made by the original “Grown-Ass Man.” The Meat Tenderizer & Marinade Turbocharger shortens cooking time and gets you packing with flavor. With an easy one-handed pump action, it can penetrate any cut of meat. Use before marinating to allow spices and flavors to fully absorb.

Find it in H-E-B stores.


Wash and dry by hand only.

Allergens and safety warnings

WARNING:  Use with caution contains sharp cutting blade which may cause injury. Keep out of the reach of children.